CBD, and Realizing the Benefits

CBD, and Realizing the Benefits

Everyone’s experience of CBD – and their requirements from it – will be different, but there are certainly ways of ensuring that you stand to glean the most benefit from this supplement.

First of all, the importance of investing your money into only USDA certified organic CBD cannot be overstated. USDA certification means that, from the moment the seed is planted in the earth to the moment the CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers, the grower and producer have adhered to some pretty rigid requirements, designed to ensure the natural integrity of the product.

We look at this in a little more detail in our Guide to Organic CBD, but suffice to say that the health benefits of CBD oil created in an environment that does not adhere to organic practices risk being undermined significantly.

Similarly, a full spectrum organic CBD oil offers a much longer list of health-giving compounds than a CBD isolate.

Full spectrum means that the oil extracted from the cannabis plants has been interfered with as little as possible. The concentrate is not pure – it contains small amounts of other compounds, such as THC (less than 3% by weight) – but this is for the better. An isolate – that is, a concentration of more than 99.9% CBD – is not only limited in terms of the therapeutic benefits it can offer, but is also typically sourced from parts of the world with fewer regulations and safety protocols.

In essence, not all CBD oils on the market are created equal. Many companies stand to benefit from the lack of understanding among customers, who see CBD as a very new addition to the wellness world. A USDA certified organic full spectrum CBD isolate will have gone through minimal interference from ground to bottle, and will be subject to more stringent regulations for safety.

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