CBD’s Potential Benefits for Our Long Term Health

CBD’s Potential Benefits for Our Long Term Health

Of course, given the fact that the timeframe between cannabis holding a largely taboo status in America, and it rising to the very forefront of the wellness industry, is so brief, one thing we are lacking more than any other are long-term case studies spanning decades’ worth of use.

Thus, understanding its impact on our long-term health is a process of analyzing the data available, and making predictions based upon the observational and theoretical knowledge available to us now.

Some studies have suggested that, in addition to offering some relief from the side effects of cancer treatment, CBD may boast promise as an anti-cancer drug. It will no doubt be many years before researchers can feel confident in CBD assuming this role in the medical world, but this serves as valuable insight into quite how pivotal CBD may be for the medical world, and all of us.

Again, CBD is not a treatment for cancer, and any false claims should be ignored.

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