Okay, so what is CBD Oil?

Okay, so what is CBD Oil?

CBD exists within the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant, but many of us would rather not consume or smoke them as they come out of the ground. This is primarily down to the fact that, since the cannabis plant is abundant in THC, using it in its natural form means experiencing the psychoactive effect for which the plant is famed.

For this reason, growers and producers have devised various methods for extracting CBD from the plant, and combining it with a carrier oil in order to make it easy for us to reap the benefits of cannabidiol, in a more convenient way.

This oil can be flavored and the concentration of the CBD varied. In this form, it is easy to combine the oil with a drink, or drop it directly under the tongue.

We mentioned previously, when it comes to CBD, there are various methods of extraction. It is important for anyone interested in using CBD to understand that these methods cause significantly different results, with some being capable of producing much more beneficial concentrates (to be combined with the carrier oil) than others.

At Post Love, we remain dedicated to a process known as Supercritical CO2 Extraction for all of our CBD extractions.

‘Supercritical’ is a term that, at its most basic, refers to a substance existing in a state between liquid and solid. Thus, the CO2 is brought to a state that offers the quality of both states, capable of drawing the CBD and other oils from the plant.

Our use of CO2 ensures that the plant does not come into contact with any harsh solvents, and that, as a result, the CBD we produce remains USDA certified organic, and untainted by potentially harmful toxins.

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