What We Know About Benefits to Your Skin

What We Know About Benefits to Your Skin

It is only in recent years that CBD has found its way into a prominent position on our shelves – despite the fact that it has represented a prized ingredient in cultures and communities around the globe for centuries.

As a result, no one could have predicted the speed with which we have integrated this compound into our health and wellness routines, which is why scientific researchers are still working to keep up with our own curiosity and verify many of the anecdotal claims made in favor of CBD.

Still, the subjective claims continue to pour in. Here are some of the most common:

  • CBD Helps Balancing Oil Production
  • Studies have shown that CBD may be helpful in balancing the skin, by decreasing oil production (sebum), making it useful for those who are prone to acne, or a greasier complexion.
  • CBD Helps Counteracting Free Radical Damage
  • CBD Helps Soothing Reactive or Dull Skin
  • CBD is also thought to be effective at normalizing and calming the effects of redness, reactivity, dullness, and that “ruddy” skin tone many of us struggle against on a daily basis.
  • CBD Helps Relieving Inflammation On and Beneath the Skin

Those supposed anti-inflammatory properties even make it great for those with sensitive skin, and are thought to benefit the entire body – not just what’s on the surface. It is why products like CBD transdermal cream are growing in popularity so rapidly, as those experiencing subdermal pain are able to find natural relief via the unique interaction between the body and cannabidiol.

So, while it’s true that money doesn’t grow on trees, the key to great looking skin just might. Check out this snippet from a recent Allure article called ‘Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil in Beauty Products’:

“Topical CBD’s most enticing attributes are its anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) properties. Scientists are finding more evidence that it can treat dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema, which is why the ingredient is popping up in so many face creams, serums, and body lotions. “Inflammation is the root of all evil, whether that’s acne or the signs of aging,” says New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman, who notes that while acne rates are increasing, there aren’t many new treatment options coming down the pike. (“Most often, they’re reformulating benzoyl peroxide, or a retinoid, or some kind of acid,” she says.) As it turns out, CBD might be the ticket to clear skin, too.”

Whether your goal is to heal from inflammation after aesthetic injections, even out your skin tone, clear up that acne you have been fighting for years, diminish those fine lines, or simply maintain the healthy glow you already radiate, we want you to know what you’ll want look for when choosing the best topical CBD products for you.

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