Our Approach

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Our purpose is to bring the highest quality plant based therapy to our modern world. We want to offer an easy, affordable, and effective way to make your life better daily.

Fixed Products by Post Love


Our 100% USDA certified organic full spectrum active CBD is the foundation of all of our products. We use only the best ingredients with no harsh chemicals or toxins. Our tinctures are easily absorbed and can be taken daily for the best results and overall wellness. Our transdermal cream is a topical modern day miracle for those who have experienced skin trauma or inflammation.

How to apply Fixed by Post Love


  • The best sourced hemp, grown on a certified organic family farm in Colorado.
  • Hand harvested to preserve the integrity of the whole plant.
  • Solvent-free Supercritical CO2 extraction to preserve the cannabinoids and prevent contamination.
  • Distilled to be flavorless and translucent. Free of particulates and bitter hemp flavor.
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