Our very own Jason Nichol is featured in the For The Record Podcast

Jason Nichol, as he mentions at the end of this podcast, is all about sharing experiences; and it is what he exactly does in this episode of For The Record Podcast with Tiphany Hall, CGO of Aesthetic Record. Whether or not you are in aesthetic practice, you can take a lesson or two from this podcast full of wisdom, and apply them in your life. Watch and listen as Jason talks of how he and wife Brooke Nichol have made Saving Face to be the highly successful aesthetic practice in Austin, Texas that it is today. He also relates the story of how Post Love was born, why the mantra “Restore, Empower, Love”, and how education is the key to handling objections to Organic Hemp. Throughout the podcast, he highlights the importance of continuous learning and unlearning, setting goals, building habits, and creating an abundance mindset in achieving success.

On Culture, Abundance Mindset, and Competition

Jason and Brooke Nichol have forged a partnership and developed a work space culture that Jason believes to be what sets them apart from competition. At the beginning, it was just him and Brooke, with Brooke doing all the appointments, phone calls, etc. However, realizing that with an assistant around, Brooke can focus on what she is great at; she can be the finest injector that she really is and eventually gain more clients. Jason believes that employees who don’t produce revenue are actually the key to producing revenue. He says, “…freeing the person up who’s great at selling to go sell more or to go inject more”. He thinks that practitioners who hesitate to outsource are in the scarcity mindset, but clearly an abundance mindset is what allows them to scale.

Hiring their first assistant was when they started to exponentially grow. He knew, however, that the next essential step to growth is people retention – retention of both patients and employees.

Jason says, “Culture is what allows people to want to stay within the company”. They want their medical assistants, practitioners, and all the staff to come to work and feel they are with family. They want their patients to feel the same way, so everyone is involved in building genuine relationships with their patients. They have chief people officers who make sure such relationships are well kept.

Post Love, “Restore, Empower, Love”, and Objections to Organic Hemp

From the same partnership, Post Love is born, and Jason tells the story of how a client from Saving Face and his and Brooke’s dedication to organic living turned the light bulb on for Jason to combine Organic Hemp and arnica and create a product that goes with Post Love’s mantra of “Restpre, Empower, Love”.

Post Love’s plant-based product Faded is designed to restore and restore fast. “We’re trying to empower people to go out there and do better so that they can themselves go out and empower others…”, Jason says. He then continues to say that Post Love is created to give and not make profit. Money goes to charity and that’s the “love” part of the mantra.

When asked how he handles objections to Organic Hemp, he explains that education is the key. Not everyone knows that a certain level of THC can be used for medical purposes and that industrial hemp is different from marijuana.

Never Stop Learning (and Unlearning) and Do Self-Care First

I think that my biggest takeaways from this podcast are that, first, anyone who wants to keep growing, they have to allow themselves to learn and unlearn and never stop. Set goals, build habits, and have the right mindset, but never stop learning. Second, they have to take care of themselves first. Know what they are good at and what to improve on. Eventually, they become ready to offer the best of themselves to their endeavors.

The episode is on Youtube too!

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