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We take the pain out of wholesale too. Our natural, plant based CBD creams and oils are lab tested and the best on the market. Your clients will immediately see a dramatic decrease in downtime. Happier patients will bring them back to you time and time again. Our treatment works so well that you can add them as a bundle with any treatment package. Easy online reordering. Free shipping and first class product support and education makes this a no brainer. See why our clients rave about us.


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  • faded-wholesale


    CBD + ARNICA | Post Injection Treatment

    A post injectable procedure cream created to address a patient’s biggest concerns. FADED can provide immediate relief with less pain and inflammation. If they do bruise, FADED will cut their healing time in half. .

    When is the best time to use FADED?

    Faded 5ml

  • Dermal Fillers

    No matter if you are getting one syringe of filler or a liquid facelift, FADED should always be used after any dermal fillers treatment. Always apply FADED immediately post injection. FADED will help decrease swelling, reduce the pain you may be experiencing. If you do bruise, it may cut your healing time in half!

  • Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeveau)

    Sometimes you will get bruises from your toxin injection points; FADED is your friend to help you heal. Avoid those awkward questions about your bruising all over.

  • PDO Threads

    Threads have become wildly popular as of late, but with them come the downside of inflammation and potential bruising. We’ve had countless numbers of patients recommended to us who had pain, swelling, and bruising. FADED was the answer.The next day they came back praising how well it worked as the bruising was minimal, pain gone, and swelling to a minimum. Liquid magic in a bottle. With their high praise and thanks, they sent us all their friends who had threads done too. We love helping people heal!

  • Sculptra - Collagen Builder

    Sculptra is a great collagen builder. However, it can create some soreness and swelling. We have some practices who recommend applying FADED first before doing their massaging schedule of 5 / 5 / 5 (5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days) when getting Sculptra to help with discomfort and shorten the healing time.

  • QWO - Cellulite Burning Treatment

    If you have ever had this cellulite burning treatment performed, or, have seen post procedure photos from someone having it done, then you know it can cause quite a bit of bruising. FADED is perfect to help you heal from all of the bruising and manage the discomfort you might be feeling.

  • Lasers

    Laser treatments, just like injectables, can cause redness, pain, inflammation and discomfort. Some popular services that people use FADED for post treatment are Hydrafacials, Geneo, IPL, and facial veins. One thing we do NOT recommend is using FADED after an ablative laser treatment such as CO2.

  • Acne

    FADED used to treat acne? What? Most might not know this, but CBD is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. And what is your everyday pimple or zit? An inflamed pore with bacteria in it. Yuck. Yeah, we have you covered there too! Apply FADED and watch that zit disappear.

  • Best Practices

    Faded Best Practice

  • 30ML / 1800MG
    • Anytime you have a patient doing dermal fillers, whether it be troughs, cheeks, lip augmentation, temples, marionnettes, etc always apply FADED immediately post injection. The sooner you apply the better the results the patient will see when managing swelling and pain. This is why all of our wholesale accounts have a backbar size of FADED for each practitioner in the practice.
    • Post surgery patients who are dealing with bruising, FADED is for you!! FADED will help you heal those bruises in half the time.
    • QWO Treatments – There are practices that either retail our 30 ml bottle of FADED to these patients, or, they package it in with their treatments. This way every patient is walking out the door with a post procedure product to help them heal.
    • Occasionally you will have a patient who falls in love with FADED and really wants to keep a larger bottle around. This is a great size to retail to injectable patients.
  • 10 ML / 600 MG
    • We see practices using three different ways in using our 10 ml bottle of FADED with their patients.
      • When a patient does two or more syringes, the practice is retailing it to the patient.
      • The most popular way is when practices are “packaging” the 10 ml bottle with their treatments or services. For example, if someone is doing a tear troughs that normally costs $900, they are now charging $989 or so. This new pricing includes the filler appointment, 10 ml bottle of FADED, and their follow up appointment.
      • The last way we see is when someone does three or more syringes, say a liquid face lift, and because the practice has made quite a bit of revenue off the injectables, they end up giving the patient the 10 ml bottle of FADED. When you do $3,500 in injectables, giving them a $50 wholesale item to heal and have a better overall patient experience is worth it in the end. They will thank you later!
  • 5 ML / 300 MG
    • The 5 ml size of FADED is used similarly inside practices as the 10 ml size with some small changes.
      • When a patient does one or two syringes, the practice is retailing it to the patient.
      • The most popular way is when practices are “packaging” the 5 ml bottle with their treatments or services. For example, if someone is doing a lip augmentation that normally costs $750, they are now charging $800 or so. This new pricing includes the filler appointment, 5 ml bottle of FADED, and their follow up appointment. This way every filler patient is walking out the door with a post treatment product to help them heal.
      • Lastly, practices are giving away the 5 ml bottle of FADED with certain services if a patient spends over X amount of dollars. The practice has made great revenue, and the patient will end up with a great overall patient experience. Hopefully telling all of their friends. Nothing beats referrals, right?
  • fixed-wholesale


    USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil
    Pre & Post Injection Treatment

    Used daily can help to support overall well-being and general health while helping to reduce procedural inflammation. Take daily for benefits or just before procedures to help with anxiety.

    900 MG / 30 ML
    Flavors: Cinnamon, Lemon, Mint

    When is the best time to use Fixed?

    Fixed Best Time

  • Pre-Treatment

    Are you “needle adverse” or have anxiety over getting injections? Getting poked with a needle is not fun. If you do have some anxiety when getting aesthetic injections, then FIXED is a great way to help calm you down before treatment. About 15 minutes before your treatment, maybe while numbing in the chair, take one full dropper of FIXED and hold under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. In 15 minutes or so, you will feel relaxed and ready for your injector to make you look beautiful!

  • Post-Treatment

    Aesthetic injections will inherently cause inflammation and some pain. To help with that, we have FADED for topical use. But did you also know that you can help heal from the inside as well? FIXED is great for patients to take post treatment to create homeostasis in the endocannabinoid system and reduce inflammation. Take one dropper per day, holding under your tongue, then swallowing after 60 seconds. Simultaneously use FADED topically. Continue until pain and inflammation has subsided from the treatment. FIXED and FADED is your perfect combo. Smile and let your light shine!

  • Wellness

    Our USDA Organic CBD oil FIXED has a number of different areas that it can possibly help people with. Some include sleep issues, anxiety, OCD, pain, inflammation, heart health, etc. Brooke, one of our Founders, actually takes CBD oil during her menstrual cycle for cramps and no longer takes Advil or Motrin for the pain. See our “About CBD Guide” to learn more about possible health benefits of CBD Oil.

  • filtered-wholesale


    CBD + ARNICA | Post Injection Treatment

    Your makeup concealer, thick enough to hide the bruise and smart enough to heal it. Injections are the greatest gifts and bruises happen. Hide the bruises, heal the wound and empower yourself to get back out there. Start treating your injury right away. Filtered is the first of its kind CBD oil to really work above and below the surface. Don’t just cover your bruise, treat it.

    When is the best time to use FILTERED?

    Filtered Best Time

  • Dermal Fillers

    Even in the best injector hands, blemishes and bruises happen, and many of those moments happen at the wrong time. Like that one time when you get treated right before an event (wedding, party, meeting, etc) and would like to get fillers or Botox done. Next thing you know you leave with a blemish of some sort. FILTERED to the rescue to help you conceal and heal so no one knows as you dance the night away.

  • Neurotoxins

    It is not very often, but sometimes patients will bruise from getting their Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin treatment. FILTERED can help. Not only is FILTERED thick enough to cover the bruise, it heals it at the same time.

  • Acne

    Did you know that FILTERED is great for covering and treating acne as well? Most might not know this, but CBD is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. And what is your everyday pimple or zit? An inflamed pore with bacteria in it. Yeah, we have you covered there too! Apply FILTERED and watch that zit disappear. No pun intended!

  • lip-balm-wholesale


    Post Injection Treatment

    Welcome to your new favorite lip balm! After FADED, our Lip Balm with CBD + ARNICA and SPF+ is perfect to help a patient heal from their lip augmentation. You won’t want to leave the house without it. Let us help you take care of your new accessories. 💋

    When is the best time to use our CBD + Arnica Lip Balm?

    Lip Balm Best Time

  • Post Lip Injections

    Getting lip filler has become the hottest trend in aesthetics. Who does not love some beautiful lips? However, post lip injections will certainly cause swelling and potential bruising. We recommend starting off with FADED to get your healing kick started. For daily use and to help moisturize your lips, our CBD + ARNICA Mint Lip Balm is a must!!

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