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Don’t let injections slow you down.
Recover faster with FADED.

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“FADED is a must!” • “It’s legit the best.” • “It’s the only post-injection treatment we use. “Cut my bruising time in 1/2!” • “I send every patient home with FADED.”  • “FADED is a must!” • “It’s legit the best.” • “It’s the only post-injection treatment we use. “Cut my bruising time in 1/2!” • “I send every patient home with FADED.”
Post Treatment Bruise Cream
Heal & Conceal Concealer
Organic Full Spectrum Oil
Heal. Hydrate. Restore

Meet Brooke & Jason and hear why they created Post Love



Post Treatment, Bruise Cream

Don’t just take
our word for it

Our loyal customers and providers all agree that our line can help produce the best possible results for you. Their experiences drive our mission to support our clients both physically and emotionally.

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Post Treatment Bruise Cream


Heal. Hydrate. Restore.


USDA Organic Full Spectrum Oil

Post Love Product Benefits

Easy as Restore, Empower, and Love.

  • Restore. Elevate the recovery process with our restorative post-care solutions.
  • Empower yourself and others to be better versions of yourselves.
  • Love those around you so they too can be empowered.

Become a part of a larger mission

Wholesale Partnership

With Post Love, the path to beauty isn’t just about Aesthetic treatments, it’s about redefining the post-treatment experience – an ethos shared by the Med Spa owners, Injectors, Plastic Surgeons, and Wellness Center owners we are proud to collaborate with. Detecting the need for potent, plant-based recovery, it became clear that our mission was not merely to reduce discomfort but to elevate the entire experience, driving our focus to help clients savor their aesthetic journey. Together, let’s give our clients a recovery as enjoyable as the journey itself.

We invite you – Med Spas, Injectors, Plastic Surgeons, and Wellness Centers – to partake in this movement of post-procedure care and recuperation. We believe in the power of our products to potentially reduce your costs, simplify product choices by eliminating minimum purchase requirements and enhance client satisfaction with decreased downtime.

Join us as a Wholesale Provider to spread this light and love that goes into our products to your clients.

Reviews from Real Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Real Post Love Skincare customers are blown away by the effectiveness of our products and how quickly they saw results.

“I was worried about bruising and swelling after my injections, but FADED cream took care of that beautifully. I had very minimal downtime.” – Sarah L., Los Angeles

“My skin has never looked better after getting treatments. No one believes I just had injections!” – Mia S., New York

“So impressed with these products. My skin healed faster and looked more refreshed than with any other post-treatment routine I’ve tried.” – James T., Chicago

“FILTERED is a game-changer! It covers any redness or bruises perfectly and helps restore my skin faster. I won’t get injections without it.” – Anne B., Dallas

“I used to hate getting injections because of the needles but with FIXED I breeze through with barely any anxiety.” – Sofia G., Miami

“My aesthetician couldn’t believe how quickly my skin bounced back after laser. She wanted to know my secret remedy – Post Love Skincare!” – Olivia H., Seattle

With thousands of rave reviews, you can trust that Post Love Skincare’s natural formulas will have you recovering quickly and comfortably after any injectable procedure. Experience the results yourself – order today!

We’re all about giving back

Empowering others both inside and out is our mission. Our Hemp Extract creams and oils are formulated for internal and external restoration. We don’t stop there.  We’ve chosen to donate a portion of our profits to support MAPS. MAPS focuses on helping patients with mental illness.

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